Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Psalm 121
Isaiah 65:17-25

The Season of Creation comes to a close with a vision of God’s holy mountain; a vision that offers us a path of hope for the future and calls us to live justly and in partnership with God.

This week, spend time recalling an experience you’ve had on a mountain. To what extent and in what way did you experience God on that mountain? If possible … take a drive and sit at the base of a mountain OR look up some mountain images online. Take some time to listen for our still speaking God.

Pray Where we see limits and impossibility, O God,
you see a future with promise.
You invite us to dream
of justice and harmony
for Planet Earth
and all Earth beings.
Guide us to know, deeply,
your imagination for us
and our potential.
Help us to gain wisdom from the past,
and yet move into the future
free from past ways of harm and destruction.