Formation of UCUC

University City United Church is a member of the United Church of Christ denomination. It was organized in 1964. It is a member of the Southern California Nevada Conference of United Church of Christ. The church acquired its property in 1963. It consists of approximately 1-3/4 acres at the corner of Governor Drive and Stresemann in the western portion of University City (San Diego, California).

During the formative years of the church the congregation met at Marcy Elementary School while the congregation grew in strength and projected initial building plans. The existing facilities were completed in the fall of 1967 with refinements and improvements being added in subsequent years. Doug Koehler was the founding pastor for UCUC serving until June 1997.

ucuc-50th-anniv-show-131-400-300The church has grown to a size of just shy of 200 members as well as serving an extended parish beyond the scope of University City.  University City United Church is a mission and service oriented congregation, addressing needs in the community.  The buildings also serve as a focal point for meetings of worthwhile organizations serving the community in ways which we feel enhance lives and in some manner extend the spirit of the church’s outreach.

The church serves the needs of all ages beginning with an enrichment program for the community through the UCUC pre-school and extending through our church school classes, confirmation, activities for young adults, families, and seniors.