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Psalm 1

We gather to turn to God. Today we focus on Psalm 1. A psalm filled with sweetness. But also some cautionary words. Do we sit with the wicked or follow wicked advice? There is mention of punishment for bad. So maybe this scripture was written by some who wanted the good people to win and the bad people to lose. Maybe we squirm because we recognize that we hover on the line between goodness and wickedness. How do we stay on the side of good? One way is to soak up God’s word and ponder it over and over. We are reminded of our desire to do good.

Psalm 1
12 May 2024


Easter and Pentecost

Vines and Branches2024-05-11T17:28:46-07:00
Psalm 232024-05-11T16:31:54-07:00
Let’s Eat!2024-05-01T15:43:28-07:00

Wandering Heart

Wandering Heart: Here’s my heart2024-05-01T15:36:20-07:00
Wandering Heart: And I hope (Easter)2024-05-01T15:35:38-07:00
Wandering Heart: Songs of loudest praise2024-05-01T15:34:54-07:00
Wandering Heart: Teach me2024-05-01T15:33:49-07:00
Wandering Heart:- I’m fixed upon it2024-05-01T15:33:05-07:00
Wandering Heart – Praise the mount2024-05-01T15:32:11-07:00
Wandering Heart — Rescue me from danger2024-05-01T15:31:11-07:00
Draft Portfolio2024-05-01T15:30:07-07:00

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