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Like the wind, we can’t see the Spirit. But we can see the results. We can sometimes see the Spirit in little joy moments. On this day, we are reminded to be on the lookout. We just need to pay attention. Then share the joy with others. We just need to be the love and care.

Acts 2:1-21
28 May 2023


Lent and Easter 2023

Easter 7 – Sensory Glory2023-05-31T14:48:49-07:00
Easter 6 – To See is to Love2023-05-31T14:47:42-07:00
Easter 5 – Emboldened to Proclaim2023-05-31T14:46:13-07:00
Easter 3 – Eyes of the Heart2023-05-11T11:42:57-07:00
Easter 2 – Resurrection Witness2023-05-05T15:20:52-07:00
Easter Sunday – Joy Comes Alive2023-05-05T15:19:05-07:00
Lent 5 – Out of the Depths2023-05-05T15:08:15-07:00
Lent 4 – After Vision Shifts2023-05-05T15:05:15-07:00
Lent 3 – With Thirst for New Life2023-03-25T16:19:59-07:00
Lent 2- Through The Night2023-03-25T16:18:17-07:00
Lent 1 – Into The Wilderness2023-03-25T16:16:43-07:00


Re-Shaped – En-Couraged2023-02-23T11:26:47-07:00
Re-Shaped – Everything Changes2023-02-23T11:25:11-07:00
Re-Shaped – Inside Out2023-02-23T11:23:41-07:00
Re-Shaped – We Were Made for This2023-02-23T11:22:21-07:00

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