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Job 1:1, 2:1-10

The first two chapters of Job introduce the characters: Job, blameless and upright; Satan, one who disturbs, disrupts, shakes things up, an adversary; God , who listens; Job’s wife, who grieves; the friends, who, for a time, keep silence. The image of Job sitting in the ashes (2:8) connects with the words of Psalm 26: “Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked with integrity…” Both Job and the Psalm remind us of the struggle to remember who we are in the midst of the reality of life and challenge us to remain faithful to who we really are.

This week, think back over your life and recall some of your hardest moments. How did you experience God in the midst of that time? In reflecting, do you recognize God differently in the midst of it?

Pray Where we see limits and impossibility, O God,
you see a future with promise.
You invite us to dream
of justice and harmony
for Planet Earth
and all Earth beings.
Guide us to know, deeply,
your imagination for us
and our potential.
Help us to gain wisdom from the past,
and yet move into the future
free from past ways of harm and destruction.

Adapted from Seasons of the Spirit © 2020 Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
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