Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Amos 5:18-24


As we head into election day,
we do not know what the day will look like.
We hopefully have all cast or will cast ballots,
though we certainly do not all agree on the issues and candidates.

But, can all cling to this verse from Amos:
“But let justice roll down like waters,
and righteousness like and ever-flowing stream.”
No matter what happens,
we will continue to work for God’s justice in our world.
No matter what happens,
we will continue to follow Jesus,
who teaches us to love everyone.
No matter what happens,
we will continue to move forward in faith
to create God’s realm on earth. 

This week,
take some deep breaths.
Look out at the leaves.
Watch a bird soar in the sky.
Listen to waves crashing.
Pay attention
for our Still Speaking God
moving and working
in our world!

Holy One,
help us find peace amid
the election season campaign messages
that often encourage anger and provoke argument.
Give us patience to respectfully engage with family and friends
who hold differing views from our own and
help us to make choices that contribute to the
realization of your beloved community.
As followers of Jesus,
our faith grounds us in your love,
and your love sustains us.
You never cease to surprise us.
We grow accustomed
to a way of accounting for our lives
that often puts us in the losing column.
Help us claim
the identity and direction you offer to us
so that we may stay on the road
to your freedom,
and compassion.