Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Luke 17:11-19


Thanksgiving is fast approaching.
With COVID, our festivities will likely look different.
Probably won’t be gathering in large groups around cozy tables.
But for many, the challenges aren’t even COVID related.
It will be hard because of fractured family relationships,
because of financial struggles,
because of personal loss.
It will be hard because of grief.
All of this is real.
All of this is valid.

But with this season, we can be moved,
as a faith community,
to compassion.
We can provide food at our food drive
(TODAY, Tuesday 11/10 from 11am-1pm in the church parking lot)
which will be tangible signs of hope for those in need.
We can provide care through a phone call or card
to someone we know to be struggling.
We can make efforts to be workers of justice.
We can be the folks and the community that others give thanks for! 

I thank you God.
I thank you for ________
(insert your own thanksgivings!)
and for ___________
and for ________.

@2020 Seasons of the Spirit
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