Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for May 3, 2020
Focus Scriptures
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Psalm 23 & John 10:1-10

In the early days of communal life after Christ’s resurrection, the words of the Psalmist describes community life: God provides abundant provision and care! The “overflowing cup” in the presence of enemies and the sharing of time – that is our lives – runs counter to our cultural norms. What might happen if we begin to recognize the shepherds voice and follow in those ways of abundant living?

This week, consider how you might live abundantly in these “safer at home” times. Perhaps you will send a note to someone who is living alone, or drop off a care package on the doorstep of a neighbor. Think creatively and live abundantly!

in whom we find shepherding love,
may we hear,follow and embody this love
in all the days
and in all the ways of our lives.
May words and deeds
joyfully testify
to the abundance of your faithful love
for us and for all.