Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for May 24, 2020
Focus Scripture
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Acts 17:22-31

Worship looks different now than it did a few months ago for sure. But, the age old question still applies: What do we worship? Do we keep our hearts turned towards that which is of human origin, cast in metal or stone or created of human desire? Or do we keep our hearts turned to that which is always bigger than we are, that which unites all of Creation in one origin and one blessing? Do we give our attention, our time, our energy to our own stuff, or to God’s?

This week, jot down each day what 3 things you’ve spent the most time on. At the end of the week look back and see if that list is one with which you are pleased. If not, consider how you might tweak your days/weeks to give time/attention to those things/people that would align more fully with the things for which you hope.

Dear God,
your love is all around us.
Help me to focus on noticing your love
and sharing your love with those I encounter.