Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Psalm 139Consider…

Did you have a chance to try out “Writing your own Psalms” as we talked about last week? If you are still wanting a chance to practice this technique, here’s another way (in addition to the ones talked about in the worship video which you can find HERE):
1. Read Psalm 13.
2. Think about this psalm of lament and how these words resonate with you. What personal message do they have for you? What message do they have for you as someone in solidarity with communities who are suffering from injustice? What do they mean to a persecuted community? What message about trusting God does this psalm have for you?
3. Take a few minutes to write/rewrite your own “How long…” psalm based on some of your reflections. What lament or cry do you want to share today? Be sure to also include a few lines about how you trust in God at this moment – even if it’s a struggle to trust.
4. When you’ve finished, share your revised or new psalm with others. (from Seasons of the Spirit)

But now for this week. Take a look at Psalm 139. This Psalm talks about God’s closeness. When in your life have you felt closest to God? How did  you know this?

This week, take time to read this Psalm every day. Challenge yourself to read it in a different location each day. How does the location shift your understanding of the Psalm?

PrayGod of Sabbath promise,
you created not only work
but the blessing of rest.
Often we feel exhausted,
in need of renewal and refreshment,
to be re-created.
Help us to dwell in your presence,
to allow your presence to bring
comfort for our bodies and minds,
and to find moments to pause for quiet,
for sabbath,
for holiday.
Open us to receive your gentling Spirit
and your relaxing