Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday January 26th at 10:30 am
Focus Scripture
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Matthew 4:12-23

Jesus calls Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow, and gives a new purpose for their lives. Coming together in a new community, the disciples follow Jesus and God’s will for their lives.

This week, call upon someone to be in discipleship or service with you. Together, you might attend a Bible study, take on a small service project in your community, or volunteer for an activity at church. Similarly, call someone to come to church with you, someone who does not already have a faith community, but who you think would find a home here.

Inviting God,
you promised those in shadows
to see a great light when we follow you.
We try to live in your house,
to do as you ask,
to drop our nets
and come to you,
but it can be hard.
Strengthen us
as we live into our call to follow.