Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Matthew 2:1-12

At this time of the year, many magazines focus on “your year according to the stars.” Many are drawn to read and wonder “what does the year hold for me?” Resolutions and plans are made for the year’s journey, maybe even broken already. Regardless, together we will consider what plans and hopes God might have for us in the coming year.

Together we will consider what our guiding star will be. We will open our “Star Words” (in the envelope you picked up Christmas Eve, or have asked to be mailed … and if you don’t have one, Pastor Iona will post a link to a computer generated star word!) and consider what it might mean as we look forward to this new year.

As we prepare for this week, reflect on these words:
For Stargazers
by Roddy Hamilton
Whisper your name,
hear its sound,
feel it rhythm,
recognize its worth,
and know the one who spoke it long before anyone else did.

It is unique to you,
your very own
its sound is a promise
whispered among the stars,
first spoken when the universe was unfolded.

And there it is engraved,
one among a billion galaxies:
God’s covenant,
for every future,
wrapped up in your name.

Whisper it,
hear its sound,
feel its rhythm,
recognize its worth,
and hear it on the lips of the one who promise it is.

Thank you,
Creator God,
for the epiphanies you give us,
generated from our recognition
of your expansive
and inclusive love
for us and
for all creation.
Teach us to serve you
and one another
as wise ones
following the direction
of your light.