Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday February 2nd at 10:30 am
Focus Scripture
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Micah 6:1-8
Matthew 5:1-12

Jesus asks us to re-image what the world has taught us
about the rich and the poor,
the haves and the have-nots,
the powerful and the powerless.
It is up to us to be sure that Jesus’ teachings
are realized in the here and now –
to be liberators for those oppressed
by society’s notions of “blessed”.

This week, pay attention to the way the media and pop culture portray the “#blessed” in today’s world.
For every news item you read about society’s blessed,
find a story about Jesus’ blessed.

Thank you, O God,
for your blessing
and your call in our lives.
Grant us the courage
to commit our whole selves
to following your paths of righteousness.