Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday February 16th at 10:30 am
Focus Scripture
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Matthew 5:21-26, 33-37

Jesus shows us how we can live closer to God’s ways and truly love one another.
He gives us the examples of coming to terms with our anger with others,
being principled in our relationships,
and being true to our oaths and promises to one another.
These matters of the heart
and matters of the spirit
turn us inward to seek the meaning of
not only who, but whose we are.

REACH out to a friend or family member
with whom you’ve had a disagreement
or with whom you are angry right now.
Allow love to guide your conversation.

help us to grow
with open eyes
and open hearts.
Help us to open our hearts
to what breaks our hearts,
so that we may live
with compassion and peace.
Open our eyes
to the 
abundance found in Creation,
in what blooms and grows
even against the odds.