Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Luke 2:15-20

Sometimes thing don’t go as planned.
What do you do when that happens?
Do you close yourself off?
Do you feel worried or anxious?
Mary experienced all kinds of unexpected.
Pregnant and unmarried – check.
Having to travel while pregnant – check.
Delivering her baby while not having a good place to stay – check.
Visitors including smelly shepherds – check.

But instead of saying “nope not gonna happen”
she chooses love.
She is open to the unexpected.

This week, find a way to choose love.
Find a way to share that love with someone you encounter.

Loving God,
thank you for loving me,
no matter what.
I know that sometimes
choosing love is hard,
especially when I am
worried or uncertain.
Give me the courage to choose love,
especially when it is hard.