Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Luke 2:1-14

Have you ever been surprised by something that brings great joy? Maybe not the sky filled with angels as happened to the shepherds, but something similarly joyful? Perhaps a surprise gift that brought a smile, or a call from a friend you’ve not spoken to in a while. Perhaps a beautiful sunset or seeing snow fall. Perhaps a delicious cup of tea or a delightful dessert.

All of these are ordinary joy moments that happen in the midst of ordinary days. When we practice joy, we begin to look for these moments and they turn up all around us.

This week, take note of small moments of joy. Share them on your social media, journal about them, call a friend and tell them about it. Whatever it is, find a way to share them!

Dear God,
thank you for helping us
to practice joy.
Help us to keep practicing,
so that we can see ever more joy
all around us.