Welcome to Wondering Wednesday. You are encouraged to use this as personal devotion and reflection. After that, you are welcome to hop on the church Facebook page or Instagram page and wonder with others.
Ponder what you know about the Noah’s Ark story.Just for fun … let’s have a little pop quiz to see what you think you remember:1. Which of the following is not one of Noah’s sons?       a. Ham      b. Shem      c. Japheth      d.Canaan2. What kind of wood did Noah use to build the ark?      a. oak      b. cypress      c. gopher      d. maple      e. it depends on which translation of the Bible I am reading3. Which humans boarded the ark?      a. Noah and his wife and sons      b. Only Noah      c. Noah, Noah’s sons, Noah’s brothers, and all their wives      d. Noah, his wife, and Noah’s sons and their wives4. How many of each animal God tell Noah to bring on the ark?      a. 14      b. 4      c. 25. How long did it rain?      a. 10 days and nights      b. 80 days and nights      c. 70 days and nights      d. 40 days and nights6. How long did the water cover the entire earth?      a. 50 days      b. 100 days      c. 40 days      d. 150 days7. What animal first left the ark?      a. human      b. dove      c. raven      d. alligator7. What was the token of God’s promise to never destroy humankind again?      a. The Northern lights      b. The rainbow      c. The eclipse      d. The North starNow, take a look at scripture and see if you can find the answers!Genesis Chapters 6-9How’d you do?Anything in the story surprise you?Pray…O God,thank youfor surprising usalways.Thank youfor loving usalways.Amen.
Email Pastor Iona with how you did on your quiz!There will be special prizes available to all who complete the quiz!
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