UCUC … we’re starting a new season of worship and we’ll be reading through the book of Acts.
You’re invited to read along as we discover the unexpected acts of God in the early church.

Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
April 28, 2019
The message of Easter is so astonishing we cannot keep it to ourselves. Peter and the apostles faced the same problem.
Their lives had been so profoundly changed by the presence of Jesus,
and now by the awareness that Jesus’ message was alive through them, that they could not keep quiet.
Even when authorities tried to silence them, as they had done some time before with Jesus,
the message always found its way to the surface.
What message about God’s love have you heard loud and clear, no matter what?
What message about God’s love do you think the world needs to hear most of all?


We are witnesses to your ways, O God.
May we be inspired to speak
justice and love’s agenda.
When others would silence
the voice of liberation,
may we shout even louder.