Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Genesis 16:1-15

Life is messy.
Things are not always what they seem.
We seem to think that Bible talks about the “perfect” family.
But…it doesn’t.

When we read the story of Abram and Sarai we see that things aren’t always what we remember. We remember the story of Abraham and Sarah, and their having a son Isaac late in life. But we often forget that that’s not the whole story.

There’s the story of Hagar.
We see that Hagar isn’t treated well.

How does this story continue to play out in our world today? Take some time to reflect on the who is Hagar in our world today. 

Pray Hagar names God as “El-roi” meaning God who sees us.
Find a quiet place and moment to pray…
“Prayer is being seen by the One-who-sees-us through eyes of love.

You see me.
I am not invisible to you.
I am not overlooked by you.
You see me.
And, just like you saw Hagar,
with love and compassion,
you see me,
through eyes of love.
You see me deeply.
You see my longings, my fears
my desires, my love, my spirit.
You see me
and I know more fully that I am.
I am because you gave me life.
I am because you sustain me with your love.
I am because you see me.”

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