Welcome to Wondering Wednesday. You are encouraged to use this as personal devotion and reflection. You are encouraged to hop on the church Facebook page or Instagram page and wonder with others.
Wonder … The message of Easter is not contained in just one story. Nor do all the stories say the same thing. Each of our Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) have their own resurrection stories. Take a moment to read these two stories.

Mark 16:1-8 & Luke 24:1-12

What do you notice about these two stories?What is the same?What differs?Where do you find yourself connecting with the story?PrayOur eyes are barely open,the sky has hardly brightened,the morning has just begun,and we see you have already done a new thing.Praise be to you, O God.Your ways are beyond our understanding,your mystery is too vast for words,yet on this daywe dare to believethat you are making usinto new creations.Alleluia.Amen.

Adapted from Copyright © Wood Lake Publishing Inc. 2021
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