Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for April 19, 2020
“What Does This Mean” watercolor, by The Rev. Diane E.L. Wendorf
This image began with the black oval lines … as I was thinking about the tomb and how I could represent the Resurrection without going to a kind of cartoon. So, I let the watercolors lead me until I felt it was finished. Then I added the words in English and felt it lacked something … so I got the idea of adding the same question but in different languages.
Focus Scripture
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John 20:19-31

As Jesus continues to appear to his disciples an friends, someone is missing – Thomas. He had heard the message of Jesus’ resurrection, but it was the experience of seeing and the offer to touch the risen Christ that helped him fully believe. How different is this experience from your own? Is hearing a lesson, reading it, or completing it going to help you understand it? There are many ways to experience the risen Christ and when we do, we open ourselves to all the ways Christ is around us and working in the world today.
This week, you are invited to tangibly experience the risen Christ by putting your faith into action. Reach out to someone in your community who might be isolated and connect.

Dear God,
open our hearts and minds
to you and your presence.
Help us to trust you with our lives.
May we know
your joyful presence
in all of our lives.