Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Psalm 33:1-9
Genesis 1:1-25

In the month of September, we will observe and celebrate the Season of Creation. On Planet Earth Sunday, we celebrate our identity as Earth creatures and the amazing reality that Creator Spirit continues to express spiritual presence in the natural world.
This week, consider one small change you can make in your everyday life to help take care of our earth. Commit to make that change!

Pray Through your word and your design,
O God, you call us
to remember we are part
of the abundance of your creation,
from tiny molecules
to divine light.
Every being reflects your DNA
and reminds us that you continue
to create and delight
in what you have made.
With these gifts,
move us from despair to hope;
from taking things for granted
to a place of deep reverence.

Adapted from Seasons of the Spirit © 2020 Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
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