Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Acts 2:1-21

In images of wind and fire, we experience the Spirit of God that rushes to renew what is perceived as dead and unifies individuals across languages, and are encouraged that God is still at work bringing life into unexpected areas of our lives. The challenge of Pentecost is in remembering the power of the Spirit is at work every day, all year long.

This year, find a way to celebrate Pentecost. Wear red. Make a cake to celebrate the birth of the church. Fly a kite. Have s’mores. 

Pray Holy God,
your power shines
through in the elements
of water and fire.
You have shown there
is within both
the power to destroy
and to build up,
to end life
and create it anew.
You have baptized us
with both and revealed
the work you intend
in and through us.
May it be.

Adapted from Seasons of the Spirit © 2020 Wood Lake Publishing Inc.