Thoughtful Tuesday
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Luke 1:26-45Consider… 
Two women were about to have babies. Mary and Elizabeth had never had babies before. They had never been mothers before! They did not know what it would be like to give birth to a baby. Would they be safe? Would they know how to be mothers? Their lives were about to change. We are thinking about Mary and Elizabeth’s story because they were brave and hopeful, even though they did not know what would happen. While they may have been afraid, they held hope that God would be faithful, right by their side, throughout the journey. Think of a time when you were afraid. Did something happen that helped you get through it? Were you aware of God throughout the process? Consider taking a walk or journaling or staring out the window while you ponder these questions.

While I may have been afraid in the past, O God,
thank you for being beside me.
While I may not have always been aware
in the moment that you were there,
thank you for being there nonetheless.
Help me, moving forward,
to be more attentive to you
moving within and among me.

If you weren’t able to come by the “Advent at Home” kit pick up event last Sunday, below are some resources that you can print and use at home. There are a few items that you will need if you want to complete your own kits (candy canes, hot chocolate, bags & candles for luminarias).
You will also find the link for 2 Advent devotionals; one for individual use and one for families.
If you need this information printed for you or candles for your Christmas Eve candle lighting video, Catherine will be in the office on the mornings of December 3rd and 10th. You are welcome to come by and pick some up. Please let us know to expect you.
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