Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Focus Scriptures
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Eve – Genesis 3:6
Hagar – Genesis 16:1-6, 15 and Genesis 21:1-3, 8-19
Herodias – Mark 6:17-28
Paul’s Church Ladies – Romans 16:1-6, 12-13

Women don’t often get much attention in our Bible stories. Largely, the stories in our sacred book were written by men, read by men, and were about men. But scattered in these books are stories about strong, powerful women. This Sunday, you are invited to hear the stories of 4 such women (groups of women).

In preparation, consider the strong women you’ve known over your life. What relationship do/did you have with them? How have they shown faith to you?


Mothering God,
we thank you for the ways in which we know You.

Be with us as we hear
the untold stories in the Bible.

Be with us, helping us
to be brave, strong, compassionate, and bold
regardless of our gender expression.