Thoughtful Tuesday
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Psalm 13Consider…

Did you have a chance to try out “Praying in Color” as we talked about last week? Feel free to check out THIS resource to read some more about it if you are interested in learning more.

This week we look at Psalm 13. It is a fairly short psalm. Fairly simple and straightforward. As you read this psalm, I am guessing that everyone has identified with this writer, at some point or another. Where are you God? Have you vanished and left me alone? It might not be the state of your being right now, but we’ve likely all been there.

It’s wonderful that our Bible isn’t just filled with hope and optimism. It’s also filled with anguish and uncertainty and ambiguity and question. The Psalms particularly give us glimpses into all of the human emotions!

This week, take time to consider what emotions you are feeling. Jot down 3 emotions for each day as you lead into Sunday worship! If you need help, take a look at this great image to give you different emotions:

Pray (using an acrostic prayer)