UCUC … we’re starting a new season of worship
and we’ll be reading through the book of Acts.
You’re invited to read along as we discover
the unexpected acts of God in the early church.

Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
May 5, 2019
Acts 9:1-20
We never can know for sure how God is going to do things. Just when we think we understand what is going on, a curve ball comes flying in. We think we know who are the people chosen to proclaim God’s message – and often it’s people like us! – and then God challenges us to broaden our understanding. Paul was once a great enemy of the early church, and God called him to become one of the leading apostles.

When have you been surprised at God’s ways of doing things?


We meet you, O Christ,
in the ebb and flow of our lives.
We hear you in another’s words.
We trust you in our need for healing.
You are with us in times of life’s turning.
May your Spirit help us to hear your voice,
trust your call,
and companion others in your way.