We gather this Holy Week to remember
Jesus’ last supper with his friends
and the day he was crucified.
If you are not able to attend worship,
please read Luke 22:1-38 on Maundy Thursday
and Luke 22:39-23:56 on Good Friday

Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Easter – April 21, 2019
Scriptures: Luke 24:1-12
We travel with Mary to the tomb, where she intends to conclude the story as she plans to embalm Jesus’ body with anointing oils. Instead, another chapter begins, with her at the center. Imagine that no one believed the story of Easter. It may be hard to imagine, and yet there are many who – for a variety of reasons – do not believe the story of the resurrection. Does that matter? Do we need to believe the historic tale, or are we able to experience the risen Christ present in our lives and in our world and know that the resurrection happened, even if we do not know how?


Holy One,
walk with us this week
through the challenge
and hard times
and sadness.
And as we approach
the joy of Easter,
renew our wonder
and open our hearts.