Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scriptures (click on the scripture to read)
Matthew 15:21-28
Psalm 67Consider…

This story in Matthew tells of Jesus continuing to subvert the norms of imperial rule by ignoring the superficial trappings of power and wealth, instead guarding against practices that fracture relationships and community. Jesus himself is reminded of the fullness of God’s mercy, healing, and unity when confronted by a Canaanite woman.

In this story, Jesus encourages his disciples (aka us) to grow in understating and faith by turning away from the practices of those whose heart’s intentions are evil. Jesus himself models this growth as he reconsiders his response to a Canaanite woman, recognizing she too is included in the grace of God.

This week, spend some time reflecting on what makes it possible for Jesus to reconsider his stance toward the Canaanite woman. Then, consider where you might have the opportunity to reconsider a stance you have held to be true.


Holy One, you called this world into existence, forgiving a unity of life from the very beginning. The divisions and brokenness we have created are met by the irrevocable power of your mercy and grace. You show us the way of forgiveness with the gentle blessing of your love. Thank you. Amen.