Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Focus Scripture
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Psalm 29
Luke 8:22-25

“God sits enthroned over the flood;
God sits enthroned as ruler forever.
May God give strength to God’s people!
May God bless God’s people with peace!”
(Psalm 29:10-11)

Creator God is not the only role that God plays in our lives.
As these verses explain, God is a God of the storm,
and God strengthens and calms us.
While we might struggle with the different roles God plays in our lives,
we can be assured that God is present in times of storm.

Listen to or read the news,
paying particular attention to stories
that talk about how storms have affected a community.
Pray for people whose lives have been affected by storms,
that they feel God’s strength and peace surrounding them.

some of us find it easy to praise you for good things
and are reluctant to blame you for negative things.
Others of us are just the opposite,
seeing you hand in all manner of evil,
hesitating to see the good you do in our world.
neither is the point:
maybe you are simply our God,
and you promise to be with us in god and bad,
in sunshine and in rain,
in the day 
and in the night.