Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday March 8th at 10:30 am
Focus Scripture
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Luke 19:41-44

The world can be completely overwhelming.
Watching the news is a bombardment of all the bad, horrible things happening.
Listening to NPR, reading the newspaper,
even checking out the internet
we can’t escape the constant stream of scary, bad things that happen.

Jesus lived in a different time and
wasn’t distracted by the television or radio or internet.
But that didn’t keep him from experiencing the struggles of living in our world.
He walked, talked, breathed in our world and therefore experienced its struggle.

This Lent, we’ll be looking at a variety of ways that we as humans suffer.
And through it all, we’ll remember that
suffering is never the end of the story.
Together, we’ll remember that we are not alone.
Together, we’ll remember that God is with us.

LOOK for news stories that make you feel good.
Find a way to share that story with at least 3 people.
Might be you call someone and tell them about it.
Might be you share it on social media.
But find a way to spread the good news story you find. 

Thank you God
for being with me,
today and always.
Thank you for being with me
when I am completely overwhelmed,
when I am uncertain,
when I am in weeping,
when I am experiencing great joy.
Help me to remember this truth always,
but especially in the bleakest of moments.