Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday April 5th
Focus Scriptures
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Matthew 21:1-11
Mark 14:12-16
Mark 14:32-36
Luke 22:39-51, 53

In their final moments together, the disciples abandon Jesus – betray him, fall asleep, deny knowing him. We might identify with the disciples’ fear, and understand the betrayal and aloneness Jesus felt because we can point to times in our own lives when it seems we’re all alone and forgotten. But God’s love endures. God is with us even during the hardest moments of our lives.

THIS WEEK spend time reading  Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his Passion. As you read, write down some of the moments from your own life when you are like the various characters in the story.

And make plans for Holy Week. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Palm Sunday … make sure when you sit down for worship you have a green branch of some sort and something for communion. If you don’t have a yard, improvise. Print out this branch and color it (there’s also a neat coloring page for the kids and adults alike!). Make one out of newspaper. Whatever works! And, for communion, it doesn’t have to be gluten free bread and juice like at church, just something to eat and something to drink!
  • For Maundy Thursday, plan to have a shared meal with someone. Can be the people you are sheltering in place with, can be someone you plan to FaceTime with. Watch next week for information about this sacred night!
  • And finally, for Good Friday, set aside time during the day for worship. The San Diego UCC Partnership is putting together worship that will be available for you beginning Maundy Thursday! So watch your email!

Holy God,
you hear our words,
you hear our hearts.
Keep us in the grace of knowing
we are 
known and heard,
so deeply,
so graciously,
so constantly. Amen.