Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
June 30, 2019

Matthew 6:6-15

We will gather to worship … in a different place.
We will gather to worship outside,
but our prayers will remain,
our singing will remain,
our connection will remain.

Let’s meet at Standley Park on Governor Drive (MAP HERE)
for worship at 10:30 am,
followed immediately by a BBQ, fun and games.
Bring a lawn chair if you have it.
A dish to share if you can.
Burgers and dogs (and veggie option),
as well as drinks provided.

See you Sunday!

God, you are with us wherever we are.
Help us to be aware of you
when we are in church,
when we are in the park,
when we are driving around town,
when we are sipping our coffee
…. always.
Thank you for never leaving us!