Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
June 23, 2019
Luke 8:26-39
In our passage from Luke, Jesus visits a gentile region and meets a person overcome by demons. On the way there, Jesus has calmed the lake storm. Now he calms this troubled one. The man is quieted, and God’s love proclaimed in the silence. The man would like to go with Jesus, but Jesus sends him to take up his discipleship in everyday life.

There are times when life overwhelms us, and we despair.
What questions come to us in such “deep down moments”?
God nourishes and sustains us when we allow it
and God sends us back to continue our discipleship in our our daily lives.
In God’s love, we find truth, promise, and hope.


God our rock,
storms rage around us and we despair.
Come to us in the silence;
nourish and strengthen us
for the journey to which you call us.
We praise you, our help and our God.