Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
June 16, 2019
It’s yet another feast day in the life of the church. Up this week is Trinity Sunday. On Trinity Sunday we are reminded that God dwells in community as Creator, Wisdom, and Spirit and we consider how we live as people connected in community with all creation.

“Daily I was God’s delight … delighting in the human race.”

In Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31, we meet Wisdom. Wisdom was present with God in the act of creating and continues to be with us, calling us to justice and righteousness. Wisdom provides many details of God’s Creation, reminding us she was there for all of it.

How do you experience God’s wisdom in the world today?


Creating God,
we celebrate your creation.
Transforming Christ,
we come to be renewed in you.
Dancing Spirit,
we come to live by your rhythm.
May we find time enough to gaze at the heavens,
and silence enough to wonder at the handiwork of love,
and grace enough to find ourselves
bound together by your hands.
we come to praise you and
live with you in community.