Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Mark 1:29-39


As Jesus lifts up Peter’s mother-in-law to minister to others, we are left to wonder what our role is in proclaiming the gospel, telling the stories that will bring healing, freedom and wholeness to the people are us. As we read this story from Mark, we see that the life of a follower of Jesus requires a balance of work in the world and connecting with God. Which of these is easier for you? Which comes more naturally? How might you work more of the other into your life?

This week, ask someone who’s active and visibly-lived faith you admire, “What is the one thing you find most important to remember to do in your work and your faith?” Consider answering that question for yourself as well.

Holy One,
who makes all things possible,
lift me when I am weary.
Be my strength
and fill me with hope
as I seek to serve you
and my neighbor this day.