Thoughtful Tuesday
Focus Scripture (click on the scripture to read)
Luke 1:1-20

It’s almost here. The night we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been readying our houses, our mailboxes, our trees, our kitchens. Hopefully we’ve been readying our hearts too. This Christmas, focus on the birth of Jesus. Allow everything else to quiet around you. Imagine yourself in the cozy place filled with hope and peace and joy and love. Imagine the night sky, filled with the warmth of glowing stars. Remember the good news. The good news of great joy. 

Dear God,
we head into this week
trusting that you
are with us.
When fear and sadness
threaten to surround us,
help us
to hold hope,
to work for peace,
to practice joy,
and to choose love.

Christmas is not over. There are 12 days of Christmas and this year 2 Sundays in the season of Christmas. We will gather for worship experiencing “A Very UCC Christmas: 2020″ in the board room, with the finance folks, and more! You won’t want to miss it.
Based on “An Illustrated Advent for Families”
@ 2020 Illustrated Ministry, LLC