Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship
Sunday, December 8, 2019
Focus Scripture
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Isaiah 11:1-10

Advent is under way and we are encouraging
everyone to snuggle in for the season:
to embrace the art of being cozy,
to allow hope, and this week peace, to surround us.

In our Advent text from Isaiah,
we are offered a vision of a peaceable kin-dom,
where all dwell in peace.

What might a world of peace look like?
What might a family of peace look like?
What might a personal sense of peace look like?

Light your HOPE and PEACE candles and ponder as the light flickers ….


Open us,
O God,
to your unfolding vision of 
Shape us for shalom
by the power of your Spirit.
Make us bold to hope and dream,
living as your trusting