The world has been pretty grim lately, but there are SO MANY WAYS you can make it better!
Choose one (or more!) of these suggestions from the Social Concerns Committee and  PUT YOUR LOVE INTO ACTION!

SDRapidResponse2Volunteer at the Rapid Response Network’s Migrant Shelter. This is a coalition of groups providing medical services, meals, legal information, temporary shelter, and travel assistance to asylum-seekers who have been legally admitted to the U.S. Volunteers might sort clothing, drive to the airport, provide childcare, help with meals, etc. As you might’ve heard, asylum seekers are being flown into San Diego from Texas and it is unclear how long this will continue. This means that your help is needed now more than ever in order to help take care of all of the incoming families.



Enjoy dinner with a Syrian refugee family.  The Alsidnawi family in El Cajon offers cooking lessons and dinner in their home every Saturday afternoon. The cooking lesson begins at 3:00 and dinner at 5:00. You can come for both for $25 or just dinner for $15.

MirysListShop for  Families Who Need Our Help Right Now. An organization called Miry’s List coordinates lists of items needed by families who have newly arrived in the U.S.  Check out this amazing group at www.miryslist.org and click on “About Us”.  Then look at their lists and choose a family to shop for.

For more information about any of these events or to find out about becoming  involved in the Social Concerns Committee at UCUC,  please contact Tom Beers or Becki Wallies.

How will YOU put your love into action today?