UCUC BLOOD DRIVE Saturday, January 11th
UC Marketplace on Governor Dr from 8 am – 1:30 pm.

Whether you’re a new donor or an “old hand”, here are a few things to keep in mind.  You may sign up in advance at  Or, you may pop in after you get your triple-shot latte at Starbucks.  The best times for walk-ins are usually between 10 and 1.  Be sure to eat your “beans and greens” in the days before so you are good and healthy.  Otherwise, here are a few reasons you should skip the Blood Drive this time: illness, medication including antibiotics, iron deficiency, or recent travel to a foreign country. Once you donate, remember that your body will be down a pint of your life-giving fluid for about a day.  Drink plenty of water before and after giving and stay relaxed (no strenuous workouts). For those who may be interested, you may “double up’ by giving the same one pint but twice as many red blood cells are extracted.  This takes about 15 minutes longer and you must meet certain weight requirements.   Also, you must wait sixteen weeks for your next giving opportunity instead of the usual eight.  And even though you are giving only one pint, it still counts as two toward earning your ten-gallon hat. Also, if anyone would like to be the Blood Donor Greeter for part of the day (particularly the Bloodmobile Busy Time between 8am and 10am), just ask the Blood Super Crew if they need help guiding people in. It’s helpful, bloodless, not lucrative, and you get free snacks. And remember, always give 100%, … except when giving blood. 🙂