University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship Sunday August 13, 2017


Scripture Reading
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We move from Jacob and Esau, to the story of Jacob’s children – one of whom is Joseph.
We can all relate to a sibling, classmate, or co-worker who is the “favorite” and the feelings of anger and jealousy that can arise. In this week’s focus scripture, Joseph’s brothers are so filled with rage when they see him coming to visit in in the fields they plot to get rid of him – permanently. Joseph’s brothers don’t understand him or his “dreams”. Sometimes the same sort of misunderstanding can feed our own feelings of anger and jealousy toward another. How might we find a peaceful resolution for these broken relationships?


This Week:
Think of a person who stirs feelings of anger and jealousy in you. Reach out in some way to that person this week – invite them to join you for lunch or coffee if it is a safe situation, write them a note or email, or set aside time to pray about what misunderstandings might be fueling your feelings.



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