University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship!
August 5, 2018


Cover 8-5


Scripture Reading
John 6:24-35
Click on scripture to read.
This week…

The early readers of the Gospel of John would remember the story from the Hebrew Bible
where the people were wandering in the wilderness with Moses and were complaining that they were hungry.
God provided them with manna from heaven in that story.
In our story today, Jesus uses this knowledge to draw them into the mind of God, the one who gives life to the world.

In what ways does our community draw people into the knowledge and love of God today?
Lectio Divina is a Benedictine practice that is a prayerful way to read scripture.
Read the scripture above 4 times …
First to read,
then to note where your attention is drawn,
then to pray for God’s word to speak to you,
then to read again listening for God’s call for your life.