Worship Sunday
9/9/18 @ 
10:30 am 

Thoughtful Thursday Reflection

Cover 9-9

Scripture ReadingMark 7:24-37 (click on scripture to read)

This is one of those scripture passages that has the capacity to surprise us.
We usually don’t imagine Jesus behaving as we see him do here.
What about Jesus’ response is surprising to you?

Perhaps this passage tells the story of a time when
Jesus was hangry (bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger).
Perhaps Jesus was tired of people asking for things.
Has that ever happened to us? 
Have we ever been on the receiving end of someone acting that way?

As we wrestle with this text, let’s ask the question:
“Where is God in this story?”
“What are we called to in response?”

Hear us when we call to you, O God.
For if we cannot turn to you, where can hope be found?
Sharpen us to hear when you call, 
especially in the voice of the vulnerable one. 
For if others cannot turn to us, 
where will faith be found and lived?