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Christ the King

In Paul’s day, all loyalty to the current king, Cesar, was required. So, to claim Jesus was king invited death. Even in the current celebration of Christ as king, some of us may be uncomfortable with the idea. But it’s good to wrestle with the concept. What do we have our focus and attention on? Money, jobs, families, politics? If these things are first, that’s where our loyalty lies. Therefore, Jesus can’t be king. In the scripture, we hear of God’s peace, humility and authority reigning over the power hungry regimes and everything. What would it mean to put Jesus’ ways above everything else? A glimpse into the invisible God. We would find ourselves sharing and acting out God’s love.
Colossians 1:15-20
Luke 1:68-79
24 November 2019

2nd Letter of Timothy

2nd Letter of Timothy – Part 12019-10-18T19:42:53-08:00

Come And Worship With Us

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