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A new year is upon us. Our God is ready to walk with us in new directions, is ready to strengthen us to make changes, is ready to give us courage to do the hard things. Stars are a part of our Epiphany traditions because that is what the story tells us guided the magi. What about us? We cannot go to the house of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. For centuries, Christians have been placing a mark over their doors. At the center of that mark is CMB..Christus Mansionem Benedictat (May Christ Bless This House). God will undoubtedly bless us this year..and will walk with us through the challenges that will also come.
Matthew 2:1-12
5 January 2020

Advent and Christmas

Silent Night2020-01-11T12:42:10-08:00

Season before Advent

Christ The King2019-12-17T08:33:24-08:00
A New Heaven and A New Earth2019-11-30T11:20:07-08:00
All Saints2019-11-22T13:43:08-08:00

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