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Meditation and Movement

Today, we add to our praying the psalms tool chest with gentle meditational movement. Engaging our bodies when studying scripture allow us to calm our minds and listen in a different way. When we move our bodies, we can focus and hear our still speaking God in quiet, subtle voice that God uses to speak to us.
Psalm 23
19 July 2020

Praying The Psalms

Lectio Divina2020-07-19T14:15:39-07:00
The Examen Prayer and Our Body’s Knowing2020-07-19T14:14:39-07:00
Writing Our Psalm2020-07-07T16:17:59-07:00
Praying In Color2020-07-07T16:14:40-07:00


2nd Sunday After Pentecost2020-07-07T16:12:29-07:00
1st Sunday after Pentecost2020-06-17T11:00:52-07:00

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