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Different Road

The magi took a different road to avoid Herod. Wouldn’t it be good if we could take a different road today..from the hardship of a pandemic. The magi took a different road for avoid a bad situation. We may not be so eager to take a different road if it means being uncomfortable to call people out on their racist comments or tone or understanding. Or of advocating for the least of these over our own comfort. The magi’s choice was a radical one. A road that allowed Jesus to live. We are likely on a different road not of our choice. What we can do is decide what to make of the different road. Try to take that journey. God is with you on that different road.
Matthew 2:1-12
10 January 2021

Advent and Christmas

True Light2021-01-22T14:02:58-07:00
Christmas Eve – Do Not Be Afraid2021-01-22T14:01:59-07:00
Advent 32020-12-26T10:27:51-07:00
Advent 22020-12-26T10:26:07-07:00
Advent 12020-12-26T10:19:14-07:00


God’s Delight2020-12-06T09:50:25-07:00
To Be Seen2020-12-06T09:49:02-07:00
Justice and Righteousness2020-11-23T13:26:14-07:00
All Saints2020-11-10T10:14:52-07:00
God in the Midst2020-11-10T09:23:48-07:00
Ten Words2020-11-01T10:08:03-07:00
Our Money Story – Restore2020-10-25T12:51:05-07:00
Our Money Story – Reimagine2020-10-18T12:28:38-07:00
Our Money Story – Release2020-10-12T09:16:52-07:00
Our Money Story – Remember2020-10-04T09:59:38-07:00
A Way is Provided2020-09-27T10:14:24-07:00
Holy Ground2020-09-13T10:23:03-07:00
Open To All2020-08-30T10:25:32-07:00
Wrestling With God2020-08-15T12:34:50-07:00
2nd Sunday After Pentecost2020-07-07T16:12:29-07:00
1st Sunday after Pentecost2020-06-17T11:00:52-07:00

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