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Our Role and Our Faith

In between Sundays, how much do we consider our role in doing good, working for justice, standing up for the defenseless? How much do we even remember God? And what about our faith? Greek words: pistis and hypostasis. Faith and assurance. Sometimes, we’re left thinking we don’t have enough faith. But it’s a process; not being sure where we’re going but going anyway. We gather in doubt, in faith, in hope that God is dong something in the midst of our mistakes and questions or uncertainty.
Isaiah 1:1, 10-20; Hebrews 11:1-3,8-16
11 August 2019

Jesus the Rebel

Reimagining the Law:Jesus and a New Vision of Scripture2019-08-16T17:20:03-07:00
Jesus and Bible: Meeting the Social Rebel2019-08-09T14:45:25-07:00
Parables and the Kingdom of Heaven/God2019-08-01T09:30:26-07:00
Jesus’ Radical Inclusion of All People2019-07-25T06:25:36-07:00


Pay Attention2019-07-17T09:46:14-07:00
Jesus Heals2019-07-13T20:06:21-07:00
Lady Wisdom2019-06-27T14:29:51-07:00

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