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3rd Sunday after Pentecost

What to do with this story? Swirling fire and chariots in the sky? Setting that aside, it seems to be about Elijah, the one seeing all the action. What about Elisha? Tagging along for chapters. Elijah tries to be rid of him. But Elisha stays. Then Elijah parts the river. A reminder of the story Moses. Elisha asks to be the rightful heir to Elijah. To get that, he has to witness the dramatic whisking of Elijah to heaven, leaving the mantle behind. Elisha does witness and picks up the mantle and he, too, parts the river. Elisha’s story is less dramatic, but he doesn’t give up. He senses God calling him to stay with Elijah. As with Elisha, we have a part to play. To be engaged, do our part, and respond to the nudges from God.
2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
26 June 2022


2nd Sunday after Pentecost2022-06-28T15:16:02-07:00
Trinity Sunday2022-06-24T15:25:05-07:00


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