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Not a typical, warm and fuzzy bible story. Boys and children being killed; prized lambs slaughtered. But, in this story, we see hope. The Jewish people, slaves in Egypt, were stuck. But, there was hope that this situation would not last forever. Like them, we have to actively look for hope in the world today. Maybe vaccines being worked on, teachers working tirelessly to provide safe education. Or people sewing scrub masks for health care workers. There is always hope in every dire situation. And God’s promise that God will not harm us; that God will be with us. At our table, we remember.
Exodus 12:1-12
6 September 2020

Praying The Psalms

Prayerful Singing2020-08-05T10:33:59-07:00
Meditation and Movement2020-08-05T10:06:21-07:00
Lectio Divina2020-07-19T14:15:39-07:00
The Examen Prayer and Our Body’s Knowing2020-07-19T14:14:39-07:00
Writing Our Psalm2020-07-07T16:17:59-07:00
Praying In Color2020-07-07T16:14:40-07:00


Holy Ground2020-09-13T10:23:03-07:00
Open To All2020-08-30T10:25:32-07:00
Wrestling With God2020-08-15T12:34:50-07:00
2nd Sunday After Pentecost2020-07-07T16:12:29-07:00
1st Sunday after Pentecost2020-06-17T11:00:52-07:00

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