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Praying for you. We say this to those we believe need comfort. Part of Jesus’ farewell discourse..praying for his disciples and all followers. Asking God to keep them safe in the world. Even today, our world is somewhat not a safe place for those dealing with the pandemic, consumerism, skin color, gender, economic security, sexual orientation, mental health, and on and on. How do we meet those challenges? As Jesus did..with prayer. It’s a way of bringing us peace. Giving God this piece of our lives. Giving us a moment of reprieve…of peace. Jesus had prayed that for us.
John 17:6-19
16 May 2021


Love One Another2021-05-18T09:50:57-07:00
Branches and the Vine2021-05-18T09:49:51-07:00
Peace Be With You2021-05-18T09:48:38-07:00


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Lent 4 – God’s Promises2021-04-11T18:36:01-07:00
Lent 3 – God’s Promises2021-04-11T18:35:14-07:00
Lent 2 – God’s Promises2021-04-11T18:34:09-07:00
Lent 1 – God’s Promises2021-04-11T18:32:28-07:00

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