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Lent 4 – After Vision Shifts

Imagine being the guy in our bible story. Blind since birth and suddenly you can see. The story is not just about literal seeing, but figurative seeing, too. Jesus sees the blind man, a man others don’t see as he sits off to the side of the road, begging. But the blind man also sees Jesus for who he is..someone to follow. Do we see what Jesus asks us to do? Do we see the horrific nature of laws against our transgender siblings? Do we see racist actions all around us? These are hard examples. Easy to turn a blind eye. But Jesus calls us to challenge those norms. It leads to us to the hard work of justice.

John 9:1-41
19 March 2023


Lent and Holy Week 2023

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Re-Shaped – En-Couraged2023-02-23T11:26:47-07:00
Re-Shaped – Everything Changes2023-02-23T11:25:11-07:00
Re-Shaped – Inside Out2023-02-23T11:23:41-07:00
Re-Shaped – We Were Made for This2023-02-23T11:22:21-07:00

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