Scripture Reading
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John 3:16-17, 16:33

The threat of nuclear war.
Global Warming.
Hurricanes barreling down.
White supremacists and Neo-Nazis.
The news from Washington.
The news infiltrates our world through the television, the radio, our social media, online news sources, never mind the morning newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee.
The barrage is constant.
It is easy to be

Jesus says this in our focus scripture for this coming week: “For God so loved the world…”. God loved, loves, the world. Jesus came so that in him we might have peace. What do we do with that? How do we allow our faith to help us ease the sense of being completely overwhelmed?


This Week:
Take note on what sources of news bring you the most anxiety/stress/sense of being overwhelmed.
Is it watching the news?
Hearing the news?
Reading the news?
Take note of what sources of news allow you to be informed while not being completely overwhelmed.
Consider also which stories bring you hope, help you feel encouraged.