The angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. (1)
Advent 2
December 10, 2017

Scripture Reading
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Luke 1:26-38
Mary – the mother of Jesus – is on the receiving end of an angel visit.
As is typical angel behavior, the angel lets Mary know
that she is the favored one and to not be afraid.
From there, we learn that Mary is going to have a baby.
And not just any ordinary baby, but the Son of God.

Mary is one of the most beloved figures in our Christmas story.
Clad in blue, riding on a donkey, holding her sweet, halo-wearing baby —
we love this familiar story.
Because it is such a familiar passage, it’s easy to not give it much attention.
But take a look, read it again.
What do you notice?
What is most important in this story for you?

In worship, we’ll explore together the story from Mary’s point of view!
Come, let us prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus by pondering the story from the viewpoint of his mother!

Questions to ponder this week…
How might we react when faced with an angel of God inviting us to be not afraid?
How might we live like Mary?