University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship!
November 11, 2018

Scripture Reading
Mark 2:38-44

This week…
Noticing the gifts from wealthy – and rather pompous – religious leaders compared to that of a poor, nameless widow, Jesus notes that the former will receive greater condemnation. The reality is, condemnation is simply part of God’s justice, of God’s method of rendering the world a safe and fair place. If this justice is to balance economic inequality – an important message Jesus comes back to over again – then it stands to reason that those who withhold will be challenged to give more.

How do you measure and understand your own giving – not merely money given to charities, but your giving of self?


God of hope,
lead all who are vulnerable
to places of sanctuary where life
may be sustained and hope may be found.
Strengthen us to serve you
in all we say,
in all we do,
in all we give.