University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship!
November 18, 2018

Scripture Reading
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Mark 13:1-8

This week…
Many long for the end of the world, and believe it is imminent. they seek to apply biblical pronouncements to modern events. Jesus emphatically tells us not to get caught up in such nonsense. Speaking to the disciples, he points out that life will go on, and there will be horrible times, and yet the world will carry on. Over and over scripture reminds us that it is how we live now that matters, not what might happen later.How often do you think of the end of the world?
What feelings accompany those thoughts?


Eternal God,
help us to discern
and hold fast to your presence
in the midst of changing circumstance,
that we may live with hope
and love with courage
at all times.