University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship!
September 30, 2018


Cover 9-30


Scripture Reading
Mark 9:38-50
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This week…

We’ve been in the midst of the Season after Pentecost since May 21st (the day after Pentecost). We’ll remain in this season, aka Ordinary Time, through the Sunday after Thanksgiving when we’ll head into Advent. But our scripture this week is not at all about being ordinary. Instead, it’s about being different and about being clear about following in God’s ways.

This week, consider what it might mean to be faithful, to consider the ways we create barriers
or tend toward attitudes of exclusion, and how we can create better communities
of belonging for all.

God of love,
sometimes we are too confident that our ways are the only ways
and become too comfortable in our exclusive communities.
Grant us grace, humility, and wisdom so we might respect our differences,
and better receive your way of guidance for us all.