University City United Church
Thoughtful Tuesday
Preparing for Worship!
August 26, 2018


Cover 8-26


Scripture Reading
1 Corinthians 12:4-26
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This week…

Each of us has been gifted with a wide range of talents.
What are yours?
Perhaps it’s writing.
Or working with your hands.
Or listening.
And each of us has things that we LOVE to do.
What do you LOVE to do?

Thankfully, not all of us are good at and enjoy the same things.
Otherwise we’d never be able to function in soceity
and the church would not be able to exist either.

Together, let’s explore how God is calling us to share what we love!

Loving God, we thank you for gifting us with a variety of gifts,
while connecting us all with the same Spirit.
Help us to listen for the ways in which we might be able to share our gifts!